Unda Alta Watersports
Davide Branca,
your Captain
and Coach.

My linguistic proficiency: Italian, Swiss-German, German and English.
  Booking: +41 (0) 78 723 64 34

Party Boat

Party Boat Offer & Prices

  • Every Friday and / or Saturday Night
  • Pre-Reservation only: call us and organize your party!
  • Bring all the drinks you can manage

Passenger Fee

Chf 40.- / pro Passenger

Boat: hourly Fee

Chf 50.- / navigation hour

Arrange your Party

  • You'll pay an hourly fee for the boat, no matter of how many passenger your group consists in (max 10 passengers).
  • Additionally, each passenger will pay a passenger fee ("entrance") valid for the entire length of your party.
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