Unda Alta Watersports

Davide Branca,
your Captain
and Coach!

I fluently speak Swiss German, German, Italian and English.


Wakeboard - Wakesurf - Waterski - Monoski

Default departure from Porto Patriziale Magadino
(departures from other, custom locations: + 10 Fr.)
Session price (wakesurf, wakeboard...)
50.- CHF / session (15min)

Additional non-surfing passengers
10.- CHF / person

min. 2 sessions (2 x 15min)
min. 2 customers onboard (legal reasons)
summer season 2021
Hydrofoil wakesurfing

Session price
60.- CHF / session (15min)

Event Transfer - Site Transfer

Vira, Magadino, Delta della Maggia, Locarno, Ascona, Isole di Brissago, Tenero... and many others!

See also this seasons' Events
-> max. 10 persons
-> variable price, to be discussed on phone
(approx 90.- Fr.
per transfer)

call me! +41 78 723 64 34

Nautic school

Mattia Pedretti's

Scuola Nautica Sonia


Banana Boat

banana boat
Starting points:
Beach clubs of
San Nazzaro,
Gerra Gambarogno
and Tenero
(Camping Miralago)
Banana Boat:
-> min. 6 persons

10.- Fr. / person

To be organized with the beach clubs' owners

call me! +41 78 723 64 34


Stand Up Paddle

stand up
@ Shaka Beach
Vira Gambarogno

18.- Fr. / h

organized directly on location with the beach clubs' owner,
Ms. Angela Branca

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