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Mastercraft X23

Boat Specifications


Bimini Tower
(sun protection cover)

Sports equipment:
- wakesurf -
- wakeboard -
- ropes -
- vests -

AM/FM radio, bluetooth, USB, electronic devices charger, 12V fridge, anchor, swimming platform, boat fender

Technical Data

Length: 693cm

Width: 259cm

Capacity: 11 persons

Engine: Ilmore 6.2, 450HP

Fuel: 95 octane

Navigation nightlights

UV underwater lights

Mastercraft sports boat rental at Lago Maggiore / Locarno - for wakesurfing, wakeboarding and waterski

We rent mastercraft sports boat at lago maggiore locarno to wakesurf, waterski and relay in the sun in ticino-switzerland! 
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